The conference will offer delegates the chance to debate pressing global issues; challenge them to take on new perspectives; and build strong networks; enabling them to become the world leaders of tomorrow. The conference aspires to bring together the very best from across the globe. There lies an opportunity of interacting with thousands of highly motivated students from diverse backgrounds for the 3-day summit along with its alluring features. With this ideology in mind, we sincerely invite you to be a part of this unique educational and culturally stimulating conference, promising to provide an unparalleled substantive and socio-cultural experience.


The OIMUN Association promotes understanding of international affairs and awareness of the United Nations among young people. By engaging in topics concerning security, economic development, and social progress, delegates learn to navigate the complexities of international negotiation and teamwork, adopt new perspectives and develop comprehensive resolutions to pressing global issue. We envision sustainable communities with civically engaged people.


Odisha International Model United Nations (OIMUN) advances understanding of the United Nations and contemporary international issues. Our aim is to holistically impact our participants through quality educational experiences that emphasise collaboration and cooperative resolution of conflict.

From the Secretary Generals desk :

Being part of MUNs for 7 years and later joining the world’s largest youth organisation AIESEC as a committee president for Dubai has helped me in surrounding myself with incredible potential leaders. My journey of working with the youthful inspirational mind has made me believe in a better and more progressive future. I place my confidence in young potential leaders to make and make a difference in this world. Therefore, as a Secretary-General of the conference, I take honour in inviting young brilliant minds to join us to our very first OIMUN and create concrete plans for a better future.

Secretary General | OIMUN'20

Monica Sharma

From the Deputy Secretary Generals desk :

Dear delegates, Model United Nations is an educational simulation and/or academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy,international relation and the United Nations. MUN involves and teaches participants speaking, debating and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking,teamwork and leadership abilities. It is meant to engage students and allow them to develop deeper understanding into current world issues. In OIMUN {Odisha International Model United Nation} 2020, your experience as a delegate will be good example for the others youth as a representative of a country, make a decision as a leader and inspire others. With the number of Model UN experiences in chairing and secretariat I ensure that the board of directors of OIMUN’20 working their best to make OIMUN delegates learn MUN as it’s very best. We invite delegates across the globe and the country to take part in the three days of enrichment and diplomacy. For any further questions please feel free to reach out to me.

Deputy Secretary General | OIMUN'20

Sadichha Bal
: sadichha17@gmail.com

OIMUN and SDG(Standard Development Goals) :

News & Press Releases :

Declaration by OC | OIMUN'20

11th NOV 2019

Declaration By Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General to clear out name of Oimun , That was put down by illthinkers .

People BTS !

Advisor | OIMUN'20

Shuvzit Behra

If you ever work with Sanat Puri, there's never a question of 'if' or 'can' rather it's always about 'when' and 'how much'. A priceless asset to the Conference who has always been the guiding light to people who are on board with him and assuring an experience of lifetime. A to be Business Management Degree holder with extraordinary crisis management, we proudly present Sanat Puri as the Advisor of Odisha International Model United Nations 2020

Advisor | OIMUN'20

Sanat Puri

Being an active MUNer and an AIESECer has allowed her to work with young progressive minds and gave her vision a clear path. It also made her more inclusive and diplomatic. It helped her meet people with diverse backgrounds and network with them, not just professional but made life long friendships as well.

Secretary General | OIMUN'20

Monica Sharma

Being a commerce student , managing and marketing this event will allow her to have practical knowledge, she believes. She want to encourage students to participate in MUN, because it will push their boundaries of creativity and innovation and help them think analytically assuring they'll come back to participate here later in future.

Secretary General | OIMUN'20

Sadichha Bal

Shaima Al Qassab acting as the Director General for OIMUN’20. She is a Chemical Engineering Student and a passionate Emirati Entrepreneur. She has founded Algalife startup in 2016 and played the role of a CEO. She recently joined AIESEC in UAE as Member Committee Vice president believing to connect youth to different cultures and developing the leaders of the future to contribute the Sustainable Developmemnt Goals intitated by the United Nations. Shaima has graduated from a 6 weeks company program provided by INJAZ UAE and during that time she won the product with the greatest social impact. She strongly believes in giving back therefore she admires volunteering and has been selected as one of EXPO 2020 volunteers. Today, Shaima is AIESEC in UAE’s First Emirati Female CEO and through this opportunity she is able to provide young people the opportunity to achieve the SDGs and contribute for a better world.

Director General | OIMUN'20

Shaima Al Qassab

Shevinu is a third year student majoring in Actuarial Sciences and Accounting studying at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Having attended just one MUN in India, he’s more than excited to attend his 2nd one. Amsterdam, London, Malé, Sydney, Seoul, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur are few cities to name in which he has attended MUN conferences at. Racing at extreme speeds, travelling and trying new types of food are Shevi’s favourite things to do.

Chief of Staff | OIMUN'20

Shevinu Mithushaal Athulathmudali

Adyasa Mahapatra is a student of class12th in SAI International School persuing commerce. She believes that MUN is a way to become a more active and global citizen. She believes and understands that it is the youth who can change the world to a better place. She loved doing MUN and has chaired two MUNs.

Charge d' Affairs | OIMUN'20

Adyasa Mahapatra

Chief d' Cabinet | OIMUN'20

Mratunjay Kul Sagar

Rahul Sharma is a student of life pursuing his bachelor's in computer science and pyschology. he is a young turning entrepreneur started back in 2015.He has currently enrolled himself as United Nations volunteer and has been attending several UN conference, latest one happened at Geneva headquarters. He is the president of cultural society for his University and has been serving as an ambassador for his University too. Rahul has graduated with Microsoft web development program and has a degree in fine arts . Rahul is mixture of hardwork and consistence and believes these too can take you long anywhere you go, He is sure it’s a burning desire in his mind and heart that light the fire which create the passion!

USG for Marketing | OIMUN'20

Rahul Sharma

Saumyajit Roy is a B.Tech undergraduate with a knack for marketing. After working with multiple startups, Mr. Roy now is working for the first energy drink brand in the world. At the intersection of negotiation and diplomacy, the role of USG Sponsorship in the maiden edition of Odisha international Model United nations has been gracefully accepted by him. Playing FIFA is one of his favourite pass times .

Chief of Staff | OIMUN'20

Saumyajit Roy

Aniket hails for bbsr and is a student of bachelor in commerce in KIIT University! He belives MUN are a very good academic platform for youngsters to understand the complex probelms of the world and use their minds to solve them from a very early stage!

Special Advisor to the Secretary General | OIMUN'20

Aniket Kanungo

Special Advisor to the Secretary General | OIMUN'20

Nikshita Das

Disha Bhagat is currently a grade 12th student, studying in Loyola School, Bhubaneswar. She is a humanities branch senior. A debater, public speaker and a bold expresser never fails to encourage students to speak their mind freely. She has successfully participated in 18 Model UN conferences and even chaired for 2 of them.Disha is an exceptional Photographer and has mostly participated as a Photographer in the international Press. Being the part of the Secretariat as the Special Advisor, she keens to have an extraordinary experience.

Special Advisor to the Secretary General | OIMUN'20

Disha Bhagat

He is a student of class 12, currently studying in Mother's Public School, Bhubaneswar. He has always been immensely interested in International Affairs, Political Affairs and Diplomacy. He believes that rapid decision making and ability to handle stress at critical moments are his core strengths. He believes that Safety and Security are one of the core factors for the success of any event and is dedicated towards the Safety and Security of all delegates and visitors. He has also been actively involved in community service with various civil societies and has worked meticulously towards the upliftment of the society. His team spirit and management skills make him an ideal candidate for this post.

USG for Safety and Security | OIMUN'20

Kasim Patel

She is a third year Political Science student at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, her majors are Politics and Sociology.She loves engaging in debating and public speaking because she believes that humans have the power to use their voice as means of development and improvement of all our societies globally.She have great interest in Model United Nations because it enables her to use her voice to critically engage in international solutions and have participated in many such as the Asia Youth International Model United nations where I was awarded best delegate in the council UNHCR.She’s also part of the Student Representative Council in University of Pretoria,which is the highest leadership structure in the University; leadership is therefore a passion she lives because she believes in using her positions of leadership for the betterment of others be it her fellow students or her community members.Essentially she enjoys being involved in platforms which enact change.

USG for Political Affairs | OIMUN'20

Thulaganyo Thuli Kola

Akash Anand, from Pakistan will be serving as USG for Economic and Social Affairs at OIMUN 2020, which is a platform that provides a great opportunity for youth to get exposure and learn about sensitive social and economic issues that are required to be brought into consideration and to be resolved at grassroots level with collaborative efforts. Akash invites you all to attend this great event and let your voice heard!

USG for Economic and Social Affairs | OIMUN'20

Akash Anand

Debi is a student of Xavier University, Bhubaneswar and has been managing and coordinating hundreds of events since the last three years in Delhi and Bhubaneswar as well. He runs his own NGO, has been a part of various startups and a lot more. He believes that "An event shouldn't be just an experiential thing, it should be an emotional thing."

USG for General Assembly and Conference Management | OIMUN'20

Debi Prasad Panda

Queen of candies, ice creams and milkshakes. Protector of the climate. Breaker of phones. Binge watcher of series. The indecisive and mother of coco. Invites all of the 7 kingdoms to this grand MUN for an unforgettable experience.

USG for Communication | OIMUN'20

Anshika Mohapatra

Involving masses , socialising , providing information and being the interface between the higher up's and the public , OIMUN’2020 opts to have a smooth and transparent Informations Release so that everyone can be aware. Aditya had a knack for graphics since his childhood , he says " he has been lost in the layer's of his designs , away from the real worlds and it's problems in a world where he can build it as he wants " . We welcome all the delegates to Three days of intense of everything , and make you one step closer to the future you .

USG for Public Informations | OIMUN'20

Aditya Pradhan

Lavanya is a student of Sai International School, Bhubaneswar. She has been attending Model United Nation Conferences for the past three years and is looking forward to help organise her first one. She believes that voicing one’s opinions is the best way that we youth can make a difference; and MUNs are the best platform for our words to come in play. She thus invites you to attend the Odisha International MUN to understand the problems faced by our society presently and do our part to help make the situations better.

USG for Internal and Oversight Services | OIMUN'20

Lavanya Singh

USG for Department of field Support | OIMUN'20

Bhumi Chakravarty

This is Manmayi Mohapatra a student of Sai International School.She started her MUN journey 3 years ago. She believes MUNs are the best platform of introducing oneself to various global issues and also develop the idea of resolving those issues. It also gives an opportunity to research and to know the various aspects of one particular issue.She personally likes to be part of MUN because it brings out the speaker inside her as she is a strong believer that the youth of this generation are the ones who can bring a change to this world, she is convinced that OIMUN is one of the stepping stones to bring that change. MUNs give her power to think, to collaborate, to work as a team and above all to reach a consensus on any problem. Lastly she believes that "leadership is based on inspiration not domination;on cooperation not intimidation".

USG for Management | OIMUN'20

Manmayi Mohapatra

One of the core ideals of the Odisha International MUN is that of internationalism. We wish to exhibit that in our conference and invite delegates across the globe and the country to take part part in three days of enrichment and diplomacy.

International Affairs | OIMUN'20

Kriti Garg

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